Friday, March 19, 2010

Musique Pour Vous #1

Here are some tunes to which you can bake a cake/bury a loved one/suck a lolly while making a suggestive pose:

Rhinestone Eyes - Gorillaz
A gem (see what I did there?!) from the incredible Plastic Beach.
Tongue 'n' cheek rework using a interpolation from circus staple "Entrance of the Gladiators" juxtaposed with Diplo's signature baile funk rhythms. ACE.

I love that Chromeo remixes are basically covers. Better than the original.

So good that it might deserve its own blog post. The only successful remix of a Sigur Rós song to date. FACT.

Ridiculous song of the moment via The Bubble Boy. (OH LOLZ). I also encourage you to watch and bask in greatness of the video.
I think this could become a phenomenon.


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